Teams from Rocket Internet and its Ventures collaborate on projects and celebrate each other during this weekend-long hackathon. The theme for this competition is “Gaming”. We challenge you to tackle principles of game design, features in game play or services for the gaming industry to build a functional prototype, show it off and win one of our stellar prizes.

Who can participate?

Developers, designers, product people, savvy folks and creative minds within Rocket Internet and its portfolio ventures. All skill levels are welcome! Whether you code for a living, have a brilliant (or ridiculous) idea, build games on the side or just want to contribute - we want to see you at the hackathon. Still pondering if this is for you? Fill out the registration form and share your questions in the "Comments" section.

How can we form teams?

You can either register as a team or join a team at the event. Important: Please attend the team building session on Friday, March 31st! The organizers will also help you find team members.

The ideal team size ranges from 2-4 members.There will be 4 prize items per categories. If you prefer to work by yourself, that’s OK too; however, please keep an open mind in case someone is interested in joining your project.

Experience has taught us that your best work is showcased when you are able to fully focus on one project. Do help each other but please commit to one team.

What do you provide?

We’ll provide you with WiFi, power, food, beverages, stellar prizes and an entourage of your favorite colleagues.

What should I bring?

All your normal coding/designing gear, and any hardware you want to use. You might want to bring an Internet tethering device just in case the network gets busy.

Could I bring my family to the event?

Sure! You can invite your family members or friends (all ages are welcome!) to the Demo part on Sunday.

Please make sure to email Denise Philipp to ensure access to the building. We also ask you to invite your closest supporters as space is limited.

I have another question.

Feel free to ask Markus Doetsch or Denise Philipp any time!


On Friday, March 31, we will kick off the weekend with idea pitches and team building so you can get cracking on your projects. Sleep is optional. We will conclude the hackathon on Sunday, April 2 with demos and the award ceremony.

You'll find us in the Conference Center on the 1st floor @Rocket Tower.

Friday 31.03.

4:00 PM Official Start & Welcome Speech
4:45 PM Idea Pitching & Team Building
5:30 PM Start Your Projects!
7:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Hackathon continues overnight

Saturday 01.04.

10:00 AM Breakfast
1:00 PM Lunch
7:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Hackathon continues overnight

Sunday 02.04.

10:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 PM Lunch & Pitch Training (optional)
1:00 PM Projects End & Demos Begin - Open to Family & Friends!
2:00 PM Jury Deliberation
2:30 PM Award Ceremony

Jury & Prizes

How long are the pitches?

For idea pitches on Friday 60 seconds and for the final demos on Sunday 5 minutes. Also, we will be strict with keeping time during the final presentation. Come by our Pitch Training session on Sunday to practice!

What is the judging criteria?

The jury will use the following judging criteria to award prizes:

  • Functionality & Execution: How far did you get? Do your features work? Can we test it?
  • Relevance: How does your project tie into the theme? Did you include any gaming elements?
  • Entertainment: In the spirit of our theme, how entertaining/fun/immersive is your project?
  • X-Factor (Wildcard): A certain something that knocks our socks off.
  • Sponsor Usage: The sponsors will select the best use of their provided technology.


Best Overall Hack

4x Playstation Pro

Most Entertaining Hack

4x Nintendo Switch


4x Rasperry Pi

Alexa: Voice User Interface

4x Echo Dot


If you'd like to get involved with our Hackathon, please reach out to Denise Philipp.